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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - autocross tyres for 13 inch moss mini light

Does anyone have an recommendation for a 13 tyre that I can use on the 13 inch moss minilight wheels (5 inch wide). I have a 73 midget with the round wheel arches.

What size and model do people recommend. It seems that there are not many choices out there.

Sumitomo HTR 200 one of the only choices that I can find but I have not read good things about them. I am looking for high performance (barely street legal - not R rated).

This is for autocross racing (high speed, not slow parking lot stuff).

R Harvey

Rebecca, if you want a tire that you can use both on the road as well as for autocross the choices are indeed limited. Hoosier's DOT tires meet those regulations for some sanctioning bodies, but are not recommended for street use, and the smallest they show is a 205 60 with a tread that would work in the wet and needs at least a 6" rim. If you want a race only tire then they make a 185 60 that would fit your 5" rims but it only has a simple groove pattern, wouldn't shed any water so useless on the street.
I have some Yokahamas on my car now, but they've been discontinued in that size so no longer available, I'll be going to Sumitomos when they need replacing next year. If you ever go to the SCCA races in your area you might take a trip to the Goodyear or Hoosier tire changers at one of the national events. I picked up a set of great Hoosier slicks at the runnoffs a couple of years ago for free. I already had a spare set of 7" wheels so I was set. Haven't run them yet, still need some lug nuts to fit those wheels before I can get them on the car and the Yokahamas are doing fine anyway.

Bill Young

If you are serious about the HPDE, I would recommend having two sets of tires and NOT trying to use one set for both street and HPDE. Likewise, R-Comps are worth it. As a starting set, check out the tire truck at your local vintage racing venue. You are looking for discarded Spec Racer Ford tires (185/60-13). These will work a treat with those rims and will not be a problem with your 73.

You might want to install a panhard rod to control lateral movement of the rear end.

Please install a roll-over bar (I imagine you already have), especially if you have gone to a stouter ARB in the front, as the combination of 3/4" or higher ARB with R-Comps on a Spridget has been known to result in 2-wheeled corners in low-speed autocross.
David "opinions are cheap" Lieb
David Lieb

As an aside, I looked at your pics from the brake thread. I'd think thrice or better in fitting very expensive KO Minilites you mentioned to your badly worn splined hubs. Looked like the fronts were worst.
Actually, it is not clear to me that there actually are any 13" KO alloys, but you could use 14" if rules permit.

Fletcher R Millmore

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