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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Axle casing measurements

I am trying to find out if a PO installed a different axle casing in the midget I recently purchased. It is a 1970 wire wheel car and the right rear wheel is sticking out. The PO had installed new poly bushings on the rear of the springs. I can't see any way to move the axle over as the U bolts are already tight upon the bumper stop.
Could someone please give me the measurement flange to flange of a wire wheel axle and of a standard wheel axle?
Is the wire wheel axle casing the longer of the two?
J. Muncy

Wire-wheel is shorter. I don't have the measurements to hand.
Dave O'Neill 2

I know of a couple of WW cars that the axle sits off to the right on, I don't think it happens to be a problem, but they weren't the straightest of cars from the factory

Thanks for your replies. I was hoping someone had the measurements so I could tell what axle I have in my car.
J Muncy

The steel wheel axle is 47" from drum face to drum face. I don't know with the wire version other than it's narrower.
S Overy

S Overy, Thank you! I now know I have the correct axle housing. I can't see any way to make adjustments, so I guess I will have to live with it.

J Muncy

drum face to drum face is really hard to measure, by yourself (I just found out), and so I measured from backing plate mounting flange to backing plate mounting flange, and got 40 3/8 for a wire wheel housing.
Add the backing plates and drums and I calculate that comes to 45 3/4" from drum face to drum face.

Norm Kerr

Thank you, I also came up with 40 3/8" by myself. When I first posted pictures of my car, one person said to check the right side because to appeared to be out some.
Between the fender arch and the tire,on the right side, I have 1" on the other side, I have 1 3/4". I can't see any adjustment.
J Muncy

If everything looks ok and matches side to side, the only think I can suggest for now is to take the axle out, check all the mounting points, both on the casing and the car and refit it. It may be something that isn't easy to spot as the springs are pretty much the only thing that determines lateral location.
S Overy

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