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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Backfire at warm up

Hi Chaps,
I have a midget with a 1275 A-series running on a single HIF44. All runs really well except....
When the car is on choke I get a single backfire. It is always at pretty much the same place (about 300 yds from start as I go around a roundabout).
It is annoying more than anything else.. Anyone have any ideas?
T Dafforn

Run a spanner over all the carb & intake fasteners, sounds like it could be going lean for a brief moment. Going round the roundabout something might be shifting and only happening when cold could be due to a gap closing up when parts warm & expand. Also check for a vacuum line leak on the pollution control equipment (if fitted) as certain systems work when cold, others when warm & it could be something in the cold running circuits.

Thanks, I'll nip them up!
T Dafforn

This thread was discussed on 03/04/2017

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