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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Backplate and oil pump cover

I want to use a ribcase gearbox on my 948 midget engine, and just keep the smoothcase as a spare.

I have got the correct, thicker backplate for the ribcase. On this backplate the oil pump cover is loose, not soldered on as it is on the original thin backplate from the 948 engine.

I suppose this is the way it should be? Shall I use some kind of sealant on the oil pump cover flange?


Yes, it is supposed to be separate. It just fits into the recess on the engine side of the back plate.

You shouldn't need any sealant, as the backplate gasket should do its job.
Dave O'Neill 2

Hi Tore, belt and braces but I use a thin bead of silicon sealant on the pump cover to backplate.

Peter Burgess Tuning

Thanks - I will do that!


This thread was discussed on 12/09/2015

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