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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - bang crash rattle

ive replaced all the suspension bushes, tightened everything that i can find but it still sounds like the car is going to fall apart everytime i go over a sleeping policemen.

not expecting to be told some magical secret here, but do all spridgets do this ?
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

I had this effect when the bush at the top of the steering column wasn't doing its job. This is a felt bush that needs soaking in oil and pushing into the gap. THey seem to dry out and play results.
G Williams

i dont have that part anymore, removed the metal outer tube and just kept the solid iron spear from the inside and made a nylon bush to fit in the existing clamp bracket. Didnt see much point in it as there was nothing mounted on it, my indicator switch is on the dash.. but there is actually a little play in there so i'll give it some attention...

whats the next favourite crash bang rattle culprit ?
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

no they don't

bit short on details Andy

what have you altered apart from the bushes, what type of bushes are in now, (all, full front and rear full sets?)

the hard type of bushes can make the car crashy

what if any alterations have you made to variables like tyre pressure, suspension setting, etc.

chrashy front and rear or just mainly front?

things that come to mind:
incorrect installation of rear springs

that's me empty
Nigel Atkins

THe felt bushes can have a similar effect. I had that problem a while ago and could feel some movement although oddly in one radial direction which turned with the steering. Replaced bush and removed the rattle.
G Williams

Hi Nigel,
crashiness mainly from the front.. std rubber bushes fitted 15 months ago.

tyres- 175-70/13's Deestone brand (local cheap ones) pressure 26psi
ARB- not fitted
dampers-- home made conversion but still using old lever arms as top control arm (valves removed and unit filled with oil)
springs - std ones as far as i can tell
bushes - nearly new
incorrect installation of rear springs- dont think so ?

part of the noise is coming from my exhaust touching the chassis legs, but i know that sound so can ignore it (on my list of jobs)

i'll spend some more time crawling around on the floor tomorrow...
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Suspect the home made conversion... the shock bottoming out can make nasty noises.

On the other hand is it the suspension you hear or are it other things rattling around?
Onno K

Any thing expermential needs to be suspect...aka the home made shock could be the new tube bottoming out to soon

The rubber bushing could be suspect...certianly worth a look, there more for looks then function

What condition are the king pins in??

Does the crashing only happen when you hit the speed bumps or does it do it more common

If it only happens when hitting the speed bump (sleeping policeman) it could be your driving to fast when you hit them

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

The only time I've had rattling from the front, the cause turned out to be worn lever arm bushes. They were allowing the arm to rattle about in addition to the usual pivoting. New dampers took care of it.

Best of luck,

Gryf Ketcherside

I once had a stripped thread in one of the steering rack clamps which caused a clanky noise.

It took some finding.
Dave O'Neill2

Going to throw loose cotter pins into the mix, because that happened to me with the same symptoms
Rob Armstrong

I know where talking about the front but a droken leaf spring or even a broken/cracked front spring

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I'm expecting rattling from the front end on mine - a damn screwdriver slipped down between the inner and outer wings...... Just beyond my reach. Any ideas for retrieval chaps? I've tried coat hanger - with and without strong magnets attached - arm - long magnetic tipped screwdriver - and last but not least swearing!
Dominic Excell

Small child held by the ankles?
Dave O'Neill2

Clapped out lever arms on mine caused it. Nearside and offside. Quite loud over sleeping policemen and potholes. Feels like the steering wheel but actually worn levers.

Any recent updated pics of the Frog Andy it must have changed with all the mods you are doing?
Dave Squire 1500

That's just makes me smile Dave. Mine is 30 and 6 foot; still makes a lot of noise though. The child in the seat is his small one :-)
Dave Squire 1500

If you are standing beside the car and leaning in over the wing as you try and reach down to your lost screwdriver, this will limit your reach. It may sound unlikely, but if you try lying on top of the engine with your head towards the windscreen you will find that your forearm will enable you to reach right down to retrieve things from the bottom of the wing/footwell gap. Try it!
Guy W

Wot Guy says

And crash, bang and rattle?

Even though it may sound "front-ish" try adding extra poundage to the bolts that hold the rear lever arms to their vertical mounting plates.

Even a slight looseness here can make the car sound as if it's falling apart beneath you.

And the noises they make can resound all around the car.

( Tee shirt job, I can confirm. I got it.)

Thanks Guy! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning!
Dominic Excell

Andy, front pressures should be 22 psi. Try it.
David Smith

I'd also start with lowering the cold tyre pressures 2-4psi as it's very easy to do

(I know David won't be happy because we're in agreement but I did put tyre pressures in my first post and anyway great minds think alike)

if you've got cheap tyres they might have hard/stiff/upright side walls from new to suit the vehicles they're normally fitted to

when I changed my tyres to ones with upright side walls to reduce the crashiness I had to soften the dampers but that wasn't enough so I also had to reduce the tyre pressure by 2psi , the only thing that had changed to cause the crashiness on my car was the new tyres
Nigel Atkins

Hey dom

Magnet on a tool ever, they come in differant strengths and on a telescoping stick...carful, no telling what you will find

My first time i went fishing I found pliers, a cresent wrench, a bunch of hardware and a live/rusted .38 bullet

Also a waded up piece of high tacky duck tape on the end of the stick

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

if you still can't reach the screwdriver then try putting a fair sized glob of blue-tac on to the bottom of a pole or reasonable thickness stick or dowelling (borrowing one from the parrot's cage would be fine)

squash blue-tac, pole/stick/dowel and screwdriver (preferably handle part) together and retrieve screwdiver

if the blue-tac wont lift the screwdriver at that time then squash the three together again and leave it overnight/24hrs/a-week as blue-tac firms up with time and forms a very surprisingly firm and strong bond that can lift surprisingly heavy weights

ETA: but Prop the car bodies and inner wing shields are metal
Nigel Atkins

ok, lots of comments, thanks guys...
i'll try tyre pressures, then try removing the front shocks completely and a slow drive up the road and over the offending policeman to see what happens, then take the one piece front off and drive again ( i suspect the grp front) .
Then if that dosent do it, its axle stands and kingpin/lever arm checking time.
Whilst i'm at it check the engine mounts as ive no idea how old they are and i can see the engine moves around quite a bit through my engine viewing hole in the bonnet..

Probably have to wait till next weekend now as working in Pattaya this week (3 hours away)
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Hey nigel,

Yep... the magnet on the stick will just slide down the side and the stifiness off the telescoping rod can be flung off and into the cavity

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

If it ain't rattling, it ain't movin'. I've got a magnet on a flexible stick, one of the best tools I have ever bought from Halfords.
Pete Ottewell

Mag on a stick is on my top 3 best must own tools of all time...I own 3, there like my children ive never had....hahaha

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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