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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Basic carb settings

Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or notes on how to calibrate the hs4 carbs for a the 1500. I think i'm running a bit rich.

Also, does anyone know of a rolling road in the north-west england that might calibrate the carbs? and for how much approximately?

Many thanks 
M A Cole

Sorry just to add to the thread, do i need to buy a carb balancer? or colour tune?
M A Cole

Cole, no need for carb balancer, though it is a bit more precise. Colour tune? never used it. Check plug colour after a drive. And see the newby SU topic for tips and links on how to tune SU's.
Alex G Matla

For a rolling road tune up you should visit Peter Burgess in Alfreton, Derbyshire. He specialises in MG sports cars.
Mike Howlett

as Peter's pricing is so good and the fact that the tuning will be be so good I'd forget about going local go to Peter's it'll work out both cheaper and better for you

make a day of it, visit cafe, tune up, then long interesting 'back' roads journey home to enjoy the benefits you've just gained

don't expect to save too much petrol on the journey back as you'll want to fully explore the new set up :)
Nigel Atkins

Whilst I am certainly not going to say anything against going to a rolling road, it is somewhat excessive for setting up twin carbs!!!!!

You just need a good ear, a colourtune/carb balancer are handy, but, seriously, the ENGINE will tell you what it wants, and that's the only thing that you need to take into mind.

Also, I left you my e-mail address on your thread about quarterlights - do you not want one anymore? If you do, then let me know soonish as my parents will be down in May, and then my cousin is going to visit them, so, you wouldn't have to even pay any postage if you didn't mind a short wait.

You also asked about many other things about the 1500 engine, and were (as often happens) told plenty of information about the a-series engine ....! I'm not sure where you were planning on buying K&Ns for 80 as you can often get them alot cheaper, and yes, properly set up carbs, with k&ns can make the car a bit brighter - there is plenty of information about working with a 1500 engine, you just have to look in the right places and talk to the right people!

Mike and I were suggesting for a tune-up after M A has set up carbs not instead of

as you rach says loads of info on carb set up in many threads on here and in Archives

some general videos on the web too

not least there's all the information in the Driver's Handbook but that does cost 8

you'd want your car fully serviced, maintained and repaired before going on a rolling road anyway

putting up a view profile to view would also save having to repeat it's a 1500 (for those that want to look at the profile)

I think, and I could be wrong, that at 21 M A is trying to run ahead of what's required but most of us were like that when we were young, if we can remember that far back

as I put before M A it would probably help you to put up photos as your car, apart from the c/b convertion, may, like many of our cars not be fully original as left the factory and had many small changes of items over the years
Nigel Atkins

general principles and info -
Nigel Atkins

LOL Nigel - I remember 21 very well thanks ;)

I know you and Mike were suggesting that, but, it said in the original post ... which is often useful to read directly, as it is not uncommon for things to get totally and utterly lost in peoples' comments - just the way of the written word on forums.

I wasn't getting at your advice Nigel - I was just saying that going to a rolling road to set up SUs is a waste of money, which can be more usefully spent on other things at this stage.

Not taking away the fact that we all, no matter what our age, have to fiddle with the cars - that's what they are there for - and have been since the dawning of time (or 51 years ago when they first came out, which to some of us is pre-historic!).

Should Mr Cole feel the urge to use the e-mail address that I gave him previously, and work out that I have relations in Lancaster, then perhaps he might work out that I would be able to put him in the direction of some help ;)

Hi rach,
sorry for the extraneous 'you' in 'as rach says' it was a left over word from completely rewriting the opening sentence and gave the new sentence an unintended, er, meaning perhaps or attitude

TBH on rereading the original post I think you were totally right

and congratulations on your long memory :)
Nigel Atkins

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