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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Basic indicator wiring help

I'm going to MOT my race car as there are no local testing facilities.
I need an indicator and will use a frog type switch rather than a stalk. My wiring is all new/bespoke so I have nothing to go by at present. Can anyone explain how the wiring goes to/from the flasher unit? Do I need a relay? Thanks.
John Collinson

Very easy John, I am sure even you can do it.

Live wire to the flasher relay. From there to the common on the switch. Then from each side of the switch wire to both indicators in parallel

Is that clear enough?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Thanks Bob - I'll do it this week.
John Collinson

Nice one John although just thought about dash lights.

If you simply wire in these in parallel with the front and back indicators everything should be fine.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Are you doing hazards aswell ? They add some complication.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)


Hazards might be useful you know... ;0)

Don't forget to wind the shocks off as far as they'll go when you drive on the road - and keep the tyres soft - you'll still be rattling your fillings out, but at least you'll have a chance of spitting them out before you swallow them...

Happy New Year


p.s. do you need a speedo for an MOT?
James Bilsland

I bet you all scratch each other's eyes out when you get in the paddock!! LOL
Sorry James you were just being too nasty!! but I had a laugh anyway!!
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo


Don't worry - He'll get me back...

James Bilsland

Dean, John,

Regarding hazzard lights, if you take a feed from each indicator side (l/h & r/h) from the main indicator circuit, join the two circuits and hook them to the relevant side of a hazard light switch, surely that would suffice so long as the relative earthing was used given that the switch will basically act to combine the two indicator circuits using the relay already used by said indicators ?

I have it on good authority that any vehicle fitted with indicators "Should" have a hazzard light circuit fitted if the vehicle is intended for road use regardless of if the vehicle is primarily a "track / race" car. Not overly sure about this as I have no fiorst hand experience but I am open to being corrected regards M.O.T requirements.
R Whitmill

Depends upon the year of manufacture
Bob England

If you join the L/H and R/H side electrically then you lose the ability to turn them on independently for normal indicators.

The flasher unit depends on being matched to the wattage of bulbs being powered to flash at the right rate. So using an indicator flasher for hazards (with 4 instead of 2 bulbs) will result in a very rapid flash.

Proper Hazard light switches will use a dedicated feed via an appropriate hazard flasher, and only switch that to both sides when required (so they only "join" when the hazards are on). It will also disconnect the feed to the normal indicators so that if hazards & indicators are operated at the same time you only get one flasher unit active (the hazard unit) and hence the right rate of flash.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

I think James is referring to hazards on the basis that I will break down....
Thanks for the advice everyone else but no hazards are planned/needed (i won't be breaking down!). I don't think I will need a speedo either and no screen = no wipers etc. Can also get a daylight MOT so lights don't need to comply either.
John Collinson


Positive mental attitude this year! Just keep saying to yourself 'I will NOT break down, I will NOT break down...'

However a bit of testing (aka, terrorising the good people of Cornwall) will not hurt your reliability record any.

(Actually I should confess that while I am prone to a bit of mickey taking so far as JC is concerned, I still think his car is truly lovely and gets my vote as the 'car I would most like to take home' from a midget Challenge race meeting...)

James Bilsland

Kind words James and I thank you, but still need to get you back for the first comment.
John Collinson

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