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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Batteries for Sprites!

Good afternoon all,

I just wondered if anyone had any views on Numax batteries? My existing battery (a Varta 12V 40Ah 810 80 for those interested!) has given up the ghost and does not apper to be manufactured any more. I like it as it is plain black and suits the stock look of my engine bay well, plus as you will know it is a tight fit in these cars' battery trays and this fits nicely. I have looked into modern replacements on a slight budget, and have seen the Varta B24, which seems similar but slightly more powerful (45Ah) and black on top with white sides, or there is a plain black one from Numax (a 049H Numax 40Ah); both of these look as though they will fit my space and are around the 50 mark delivered. It's a slight long shot I know, but I thought I'd ask on here to see whether anyone has any experience of either of these so could either tell me that I'm getting a bargain or about to make a terrible error?! I know nothing about batteries...

Thank you for any commments & kind regards all,

Piers Colver

hunt around a bit I think you could get more battery for possibly same or less money

having more stored power for longer is useful

what ever battery you get make sure the battery clamps are clean, add a dab of Copperease (or similar) on each and protect when fitted to lugs, and make sure battery clamp is firm

also a good time before installing new battery to check that all battery and main leads and earths are all clean, secure and protected
Nigel Atkins

would never suggest copperease or similar, introducing a dissimilar metal into a joint with lectrickery flowing through it is asking for trouble. Petroleum jelly aka vaseline is the stuff to use, and liberally.
David Smith


Last July I bought a 110Ah Numax leisure battery for my caravan from Advanced Battery Supplies on line to replace a Varta that had done about 5 years. I needed a battery that was of large capacity and also capable of taking a high current draw for a long period using a motor mover in order to move the caravan uphill to park. I am not disappointed. The battery has performed brilliantly despite being left outside throughout last winter.
It cost me
Peter B

Good thoughts all, thank you very much. Batterymegastore have my business!

Piers Colver

>>would never suggest copperease or similar<<
yes Bill pulled me up about that last year and I thought I must have remembered wrong or put the wrong thing by mistake

but, after thinking about it later I remembered I used to put a small dab of copperease on the clean battery lugs before fitting the clean battery leads clamps on previous cars and have done so with my present Midget and that was 5 years ago now and I've been able to take them off and on again a couple of times easily and had no difficulites with the leccy

I can never remember the name of the stuff Bill recommended and never see it when shopping so have yet to use it

IIRC Vaseline seemed to me to attract fluff and grit, more messy even than copperease

of course there's spray stuff you can get for coating the connected battery terminals and lead clamps
Nigel Atkins


I use 'coppergrease' as well on the terminals, and a disconnect on the ground terminal. That way when I don't drive for a week, or two (during the winter months) I can quickly isolate the battery.


Larry C.
Larry C '69 Midget

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