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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Battery cable

Hi I have got a RWA midget. I have just changed the battery and need to fit a new longer battery cable as the PO has chopped a bit off it.Can anyone tell me where the positive cable is meant to go please.Does it go under over or around the heater unit and is it supposed to be attached to the footwell?
M Teal


The positive cable should run from the battery terminal to the starter solenoid.

Are you sure your new battery has the posts on the proper sides? (Meaning, negative on the RH side of the car, and positive on the left.)


Gryf Ketcherside

Hi Gryf
The posts are the right way around as you say.I was just not sure where the cable would originally have routed to the starter solenoid and am probably being a bit fussey !
M Teal

sorry just realised some is a repeat of Gryf

if you bought a 038(?) new battery then the lugs will be to the front rather than back like the original battery was

as you look at the battery from standing at the radiator grill -

the left cable (usually red), live goes to the starter solenoid

the right cable (black), earth is bolted to the scuttle or top of footwell panel via a captive nut

if the battery lugs are to the front be very careful when fitting the battery clamp, make sure you don't touch the battery lugs with or you could have sparks, make sure it is well clear of the battery lugs

make sure the battery connectors are clean and use some sort of protective stuff once you've clamped up
Nigel Atkins

Hi mate I think the original route was under the heater outlet. What model is it?

Where are you in Humberside?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

oh, yeah, I forgot that bit, depends on length of cable available

over sleeving the heater flat cable with rubber hose wouldn't go a miss if it's nearby

sorry I've not got a good photo showing the battery
Nigel Atkins

On mine (1500) it goes under the solenoid and heater and then up to the battery.

BH Harvey

Just read this thread and thought this doesn't sound like how my car is laid out.

Then I realised mine is still positive earth....

Tony Brough

I've had to divert my eyes there's a photo showing an at of unprotected connection
Nigel Atkins

Don't worry it's covered now.
BH Harvey

Thanks everyone for your help I have now got the cable on,under heater and up to battery :-)
M Teal

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