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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Battery charger

Hi there

Can anyone recommend a decent batter charger/booster please?

Need one to get my battery going again. Ideally one that can be pre charged and isn't mains as needs as car in a garage

Many thanks
Brad Dyson

I'm not sure about these charger/booster pack things for regular use as wouldn't you have to keep checking it and taking it away to recharge on mains electric(?) - but I don't know about them at all

as such and because no one else has replied yet I'd suggest borrowing a decent battery charger and charging the battery up fully off the car (to get to mains electric too) and investigating buying a solar type battery conditioner to keep the battery well, er, in condition are the full charge

if you have low or high constant drain items on the car then they might beat the solar units so you'll need to have them or the battery disconnected with something like a battery disconnect or full isolating switch
Nigel Atkins


Thats gonna be a tough one

The problem is, in the last year or so, theres a new regulation that the 12 volt batterys have to have between 4-6 volts before these new "smart" charges will activate

If you can find an old good one in a pawn shop that might be the way to go or else you will have to jerry rig a charged.battry to the dead battery to activate the charger

So everything is in flux concerning new chargers

Good luck

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

there was a previous post on how to get around this by zapping the low charge battery before charging but I can't remember the details

if you've let your battery get so thin, below 6v, then perhaps you should be reported, the battery removed from your custody and you should never be allowed a battery again
Nigel Atkins

Simple. Just join up the charger then briefly jump to a 12V source in parallel (such as jumper leads to another car). Only needs a touch and it fools the not-as-smart-as-it-thinks charger, hehe.
Paul Walbran

I caught you skim reading nigel....hahaha

"""or else you will have to jerry rig a charged.battry to the dead battery to activate the charge"""

Ooops ...:-) :-) :-) :-)

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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