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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Battery for a Mk1 Midget

I am trying to source the best battery for a 1963 Mk1 midget. Given that the nearest Kwik Fit / Halfords is 60 miles away I am trying to find info on the internet without success - they are either wrong shape or feeble little things.

I am looking for the biggest battery I can get in. Anyone had any success in this area??

PS - It has been converted to -ve earth but the battery cables are long enough to make whether the terminals are at the front or the rear irrelevant.

Thanks in advance.

David Banks

I've put one of these on the Frog last year and bought another for the A35 in March. Never had any problems. I'm sure you can fit a bigger battery but you really shouldn't need to.
f pollock

I didn't think an 063 would fit but I must have been wrong.

I always advised people to use the 038 as a cheap alternative to the standard high cost battery. I think the 038 was an original Metro battery if memory serves me well. However if the 063 will fit then it would be a cheaper better alternative, it being the battery fitted to almost every Vauxhall ever made!
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

This thread was discussed on 19/11/2009

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