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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Battery not charging.

Hi, Im getting no charge to the battery on my 67 midget, its running a dynamo but has been converted to neg. earth. With a voltmeter on the battery and the engine running it shows 12.8 volts and stays at that no matter what the revs, and the red ignition light stays on. I assumed it was the dynamo so fitted another one known to be good(polerized it to neg. earth first) but still no charge. Could it be the control box? Can i do any checks or should i just change it? Any help would be much appreciated. Martin.
m a frame

had that prob of the battery not charging several years ago. ended up replacing the control box which fixed it, no idea how to test them though
d a hadaway

Have a look at Paul Hunt's pages here

Scroll down to find the bit on "ignition Warning Light" and below a description of how the dynamo/ control box works.
Mike Howlett

Hi, I bought a new control box this morning(25)and now have a healthy charge to the battery.Thanks for the advise. Martin.
m a frame

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