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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Battery what size ?

part of my recent Dyno to Alternator upgrade revealed that the battery is in poor condition and needs replacement. I don't yet have the heater unit fitted to my car (72 Gan 5 RWA 1275) but plan to once i have finished spraying it. So in the meantime what is the correct size battery i can fit.

Anyone got any POSITIVE experiences with a brand they want to share .....

and yes that was an attempt at humour
P Bentley

I got mine in October 2011, which is high powered from

Battery Megastore UK Limited
+44 1684298800
It was 47.95 delivered to my office a few years ago. Loads of cranking and the lugs the correct way round for a spridget. I can't remember the power output but their part code reference was: 55457 Alphaline. No connection with the company, just I'm very happy with the battery and their service (via ebay I think)
G Lazarus

actually just googled it and here it is

Partcode 55457
Manufacture Alphaline
Volt 12
AH 54
Cold Cranking 500
Warranty 4 Years
Length (mm) 243
Width (mm) 175
Total Height (mm) 175
Weight (kg)
Layout RH+
Hold Down B13
Activation Pack N/A
Terminal A
Battery Type Sealed Calcium
G Lazarus

top work. . .many thanks
P Bentley

Something to watch for and you might consider looking into...

The battry post are next to the fire wall/ me they seem way to close, and I fear any shift in the battry under hard acceleration could short out the battry. to counter this I place a block of wood between the battry and the firewall

But you can buy the same battry with the post in various ive wondered if the post were at the front instead of the rear wouldnt be a better arrangment

Its not a big issue, and if you see the same dilemma as I, then now would be the time to explore an alternative battery, being that you're about to buy a new one anyway.

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Good point Prop!

Reckon your way is best, if you use a battery with posts at the front you have the possibility of the battery clamps touching the securing bar. Not good news!

S Holt

If you have the terminals at the front, make sure you insulate the clamp else sparks may fly.
Pete Ottewell

if a battery can move that much it would fail an mot
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

That's the point. The terminals are better at the back because the clamp is at the front. The clamps hold the battery very well. When I had an "off" a couple of years ago while sprinting, the car nose dived into the ground but the battery didn't move. As it happens, I have to have the terminals insulated anyway(against connecting with the bonnet), so either way, this wouldn't have been an issue.
G Lazarus

thanks guys, i will ensure all is as it should be. . but the reminders on safety are always useful.
P Bentley

What is the original battery orientation? I've had the posts at the front and back and never had any issues with the battery clamp.
David Billington

The frogeye has the posts at the back. I recall my midget had the same layout.
Bob Beaumont

Later ones are at the front. But I can't see that it matters.
Lawrence Slater

Had to check Horler for this! All the pics bar one show the batt posts next to the bulkhead, even the r/b model. The only one different is an RWA model, agreeing with Lawrence.
David Smith

As I understand it the posts should always be on the bulkhead side, there are two battery numbers / post layouts.

Original positive earth cars, pos on nearside.

Negative earth cars, neg on nearside.

1500's back to positive on nearside.

Often battery's are fitted wrong way round as correct type not available from local suppliers etc.

As the bulkheads seem to corrode near batteries, I've fitted a strip of rubber (epdm) dampcourse against the bulkhead as protection / insulation.


richard boobier

I bought my battery at Halfords. Not sure of the number but it's the only one they have suitable for midgets. Terminals are at the front but are sufficiently far enough from the edge to be well away from the clamp. From memory, the last battery I had on (in 1998) also had the terminals at the front.
graeme jackson


Halfords show both 038 and 053 which are very similar in size and reversed poles.
They do not note on the web the diameter of the lead poles for the 053 as I understand there are two sizes (some Japanese cars have smaller sizes).

Varta list two types of the 053 size there ref B31 and B32 as far as I can see only the post size is different.

I'm currently also looking to replace mine when I've got the bonnet off to replace the gearbox - saves the old back with the lifting into position !

richard boobier

Bought me last 2 batteries from Carparts4less free delivery and good price
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

For those that prefer the terminals at the front, -- I do -- Garry's Alphaline battery number is MF55459

Same in all other respects.
Lawrence Slater

battery types to consider (in ascending numerical order) -




Nigel Atkins

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