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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - baulky gearbox

Hi chaps
Was running my midget the other weekend. Relatively new gearbox. Feels great almost all the time. However if I go on the motorway after 10-15 nibs crushing at 70 kph in 4th when I come off the motorway the gearbox is baulky for the next 1 or 2 changes.
Any thoughts?
T Dafforn

If your gearbox has correct spec oil to correct level I'd wonder about the clutch thrust bearing.
Many peeps here know more about this than me, so I expect you'll get better advice soon :-)
RS Hughes

'crushing your nibs at 70 kph' sounds interesting - is it more dangerous than using a mobile phone?
David Smith


When I had my first Midget - many years ago - it was my daily driver. I used to commute up and down the M6 every day. When I came off the motorway, the gearshift felt very notchy.

I don't know why. Maybe heat and tired oil.

Never had the problem when racing.
Dave O'Neill 2

Crushing nibs at 70 kph...

You have to pay good money over here to have a "Specialized Woman" perform that type of service.
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

A related question, anyone heard of, or tried the following people for rear axle or gearbox rebuilds?

This was a new name for me, had heard of Hardy Engineering and Heathrow Transmissions for Spridget work.


M Wood

Nope, never heard of them. It's a Ringwood (New Forest) phone number; I have a rule NEVER to deal with anyone that can't / won't / doesn't put their full address and some background info on a Contact us or About us page, unless it's via a personal recommendation.
David Smith

They do sound quite convincing, but I'm not sure about welding in the retaining pin for the planet gear shaft in the diff!
Dave O'Neill 2


I think the lack of an address would put me off as well. The whois result for the domain gives

12 Freshwater Road
BH23 4PD

which looks like a nice affluent residential street from the google view.

registered 01-Nov-2010

Searching for the company name only turned up their website, nothing else by the look of it.
David Billington

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