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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - B&B Clutch

Just fitting a new Borg & Beck clutch. Got it from Whybee Ltd on tinterweb (Ebay) for 57+VAT. Good price but it seems Borg & Beck are not what they used to be. B&B now part of First Line Group.

Nothing wrong with the old clutch but engine out and I don't know it's history.

Anyway the existing clutch is also a Borg & Beck.

New unit does not have the AP imbossed rivets, the Lemminton Spa stampings. In fact all the new unit has is some gold inkjet printing of "Borg and Beck" and "Fly wheel side". All of this does not really matter.

New drive plate seems to have the same thickness (if not a little less) than the existing drive plate! Now that is disapointing. Also some metal filments loose at the edge of the drive plate. Poor finishing really.

Some of the extra clips on the pressure plate are also no longer fitted.

Going to fit the new one but just a warning to others. I bought B&B because of the brand, maybe try an alternative yourself?

L Juby

thanks for the info

unfortunately this isn't uncommon with manufacturers and parts
Nigel Atkins

Out of interest what was the plate thickness? I have a new clutch and just wonder about the comparison
T Dafforn

How do you know it's not jake the fake?
Lawrence Slater

I'd never heard fo First Line until recently.

There is a huge new building beside the M40 at Banbury. It says "First Line" and "Borg & Beck" on it.

It would be interesting to know the measurements. I have a NOS B&B clutch kit in the garage to compare.

It would also be useful to measure the thrust bearing. I bought one from Moss a couple of years ago for my brother's midget, but I sent it back as the dimensions were all wrong.
Dave O'Neill2

Sorry Guys I did not take measurements and it is all fitted now.

The housings on some thrust bearings from some suppliers are often to fat and foul on the fork. The thrust bearing in this kit matched the old one and in fact was probablly the best bit of the kit!

I don't have a caliper but by sight the drive plate was no thicker than the old one and surprisingly thin. I'm not changing it because it was due, just because the engine is out.

I did think it might be a fake but I researched and it looks like B&B brand now owned by First Line and my guess is the supply chain is different.
L Juby

I also have a B&B kit from MGBhive - I will do some pics and upload - the bearing was okay matched the old one - friction pate does look cheaper - the actual friction lining surface has a pattern machined in it. Slightly thicker than old one - which actually looks oky for 76000 miles - springs have some wear ( bright worn area at one end where they hav rubbed the plates under compression.

Friction material looks very different..
John Barber

Got some pics

Interestingly my B&B box says Delphi on it also.. Are they also part of First line?

John Barber

And for comparison here is the old one

Dimensions on friction material thickness are

new one 8.6 mm

Old one 7.5 mm..

So new one is thicker - but has less surface area due to the cut outs - not sure if this will wear quicker or not...

John Barber

For interest here is my pressure plate - severely worn where bearing has rubbed..

John Barber

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