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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bearing sizes

I have pulled out my centre main to check and renew - just wondered if there would be any markings to show if its std size of oversize etc..

The ony markings I can see are

5106 on one end and 149082 on the other - both on the back ...

I assume they are std ? Be grateful if someone could confirm

John Barber

ps bearing surface is worn as pic below..

John Barber

I can't answer your question John, but those that can will need to know which engine you have.
Mike Howlett

If they're undersize, they are normally stamped 010, or 020, for whatever size they are.

If standard and original, likely as not they will not say anything. If standard and replacement, they are often stamped STD.

What does the journal look like?
Dave O'Neill2

On to the engine now John? We seem to be undertaking exactly the same projects at opposite ends of the UK!

I can't even get my head off tho. Taken all the studs out and everything it it will not budge! Gonna buy a big mallet this coming week. :-)

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Mike its a 1500 version...

The journals look pretty good to me - considering it had been laid up for nearly 20 years..
I had expected it may have been reground or something -but at 76000 miles it looks pretty good - and the shells have no signs of anything indicating them being undersized bearings ( as you say Dave 10, 20 or something)
There is a slight discolouration down the centre of the journal where old oil left a deposit - but it rubs off with finger pressure. Otherwise no marks visible so far. Just centre cap off so far - working on getting the crank shaft pulley nut off.. But it extremely stuborn.. What socket size is it? anyone know - I am using a large adjustable - not really right for the job !

My head didn't want to come off either Malcolm - I think I levered it off against something protruding from the casting somewhere.. You could try turning it over, the compression may help pop it off ( plugs in !)...
If not try lifting the engine weight via the cylinder head rocker shaft bolts ( the ones that don't go right through) Attach your crane /hoist through some lifting eyes and lift the whole thing up a half an inch - that should do it!
John Barber

if you can change that duplicate email address to 'View vehicle profile' then more will look there - not all as some don't want to anyway and/or can't be bothered, which is their right if they don't want to
Nigel Atkins

Can't seem to get rid of the email tag attached to the view vehicle ....

got it now I think..
John Barber

What email tag?
Lawrence Slater

Malcolm - what is your estimated completion date for your car ?

I have a site I am building up ( just for the fun of it) link

Take a look and let me know of any suggestions.. I know the layout is pants -but its free..

Fancy a challenge - who can get on the road MOT'ed and running first?
John Barber

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