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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bench bleeding

I have removed my brake master cylinder and dismantled it with a view to fitting a repairing kit inside it as the bore is in excellent condition. I have read in the archive that once re-assembled bench bleeding is recommended but I can't see anything on how this is done. The car is an MG 1275 GAN5(1974). If someone could give me a step by step guide this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Andy Davies

Andy- I'm sure others will disagree, but I simply fill the reservoir about half way with fluid and push the rod against a solid object (like a 2x4 stud in the wall), slowly until the air is out. Then I put it in the car. I've seen other ways, but this has worked well for me for my midget and GT. It's messy, so have towels handy, and protect your paint- brake fluid will eat it.

don g

Never had the requirement to bench bleed anything.

You are only going to introduce air as you fit the pipes to the cylinder anyway.

On top of that, you run the risk of destroying whatever paintwork is left on the wee car. and filling your footwell with fluid.

Sod that, a little clean fluid on the new seals to allow them some initial lubrication and pump the pedal a few times before commencing with the bleed.

Remember to leave the fluid in the reservoir for a minute before bleeding anyway, as the fluid gets air into it during the pouring process.

Easiest thing in the world is an eazi-bleed kit, just be sure to operate the master cylinder whilst it is on otherwise your pedal will dissappear when you remove the pressure frm the bottle

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