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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bent Chassis?


The other day I notice that the front chassis section seems to be bent a couple of degrees upwards and I would like to find out if this is normal.

I have attached a picture to help explain.

I cannot see any other signs of stress in the metal around that area, but if someone knows if this part of the design I would be very grateful to be told that, otherwise I'm not sure what to do to straighten it out.

Many thanks

James Paul

Here is the picture and the angle is symmetrical on both chassis rails by the way!

James Paul

Normal and necessary.

The upwards bend of the front of the chassis rails is what sets the castor angle for the front wheels. It should be around 3 degrees, and start just behind the rear of the two inner suspension pivots.
Guy Weller

In your other photos, you appear to have cut out and removed the sill without first putting any bracing in across the door opening. Not essential, but usually advisable. I would suggest that you re-hang the door before putting the new sill in, and use that as the template to set the position and relative angles of the sill, A post and B posts.
Guy Weller

Hi Guy,

Thanks for the confirmation, now I can relax a little!

Regarding the sills you are correct and I haven't braced it for a very good reason, it was already out by several millimetres, as a previous prior owner had attempted to fit new sill and the door on the offside didn't fit at all!

The nearside isn't much better as the A post has been badly repaired, making the door gap 4 millimetres too small also.

The plan is to fit the new sills as you describe, around the doors!

I saw someone had a photo of an adjustable tensioning bar that they used to get everything square before welding in the sills. I thought that was something I would try out.

Many thanks

James Paul

Here's what I used. One top and one bottom. A bit crude but it did the job with fine adjustment by turning the adjusting nuts.

The other "variable" to watch out for is that you get the same length of sill in front of the leading edge of the A post as you have in the length of the front wing! Sounds obvious, but is easy to miss!

PS, I like your website!

Guy Weller

That's the one!! I had a feeling it was you.

Thank you for the tips!
James Paul

This thread was discussed on 02/04/2013

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