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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Big brakes conversion

Now thinking of going ahead with a big brake conversion. As mentioned on an earlier thread want to use Allegro Discs and Princess calipers , but the discs need be to trimmed down in Dia. Anybody know by how much?. Due to logistics want to get them all ready to fit and do job in one go ..Thanks Roy
R Mcknight

Why not use Spitfire discs & MGB claipers like everyone else?
Heres some i did myself rather than buy an expensive kit.

Brad 1380

Because you don't have to make an adaptor plate - just drill out the right disc PCD and turn the disk down. Off the top of my head it needs 1/2 an inch off the diameter. I've got some Allegro disks @ home and had a look at them, and it looks like if you can get the midget disc bolt PCD into them then they'll work.
Rob Armstrong

From what i heard the Allegro discs bolt straight onto the Sprite hubs , no redrilling reqd, just the O/D needs tweaking ..Roy
R Mcknight

How thick are Allegro discs?

I suppose you realise what while not needing an adaptor the downside is that the disc is heavier since it is all cast iron whereas the adaptor is aluminium alloy.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

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