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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bite off more than you can chew....

So I had a shell sitting doing very little, it was a bit scabby, but didn't look too bad.

The old saying of "whatever rust you can see, there is 3 times more hiding where you can't" became true very quickly.

This is going to be a little side project as I want to get back out competing in the MGCC autotests.

Started on Wednesday morning with this

Pete Moreland-Moore

the rest of the progress can be seen here:

but this is where I am currently at

Pete Moreland-Moore

Doesn't look to bad.... Should make a great restoration!



^^^ Thank you.

I forgot you have to remove the s from the URL
Pete Moreland-Moore

Im going out on a limb and suggesting that little bit of left over rust free sbeet metal may no longer actually qualify as a car

have you considard just re keying a new midget with the old key and transfering the gas cap over... your not exacly to far from thwt now


10 out of 10 for bravery Pete. Judging by the quality of what you've done so far, it should be great when finished.
Bernie Higginson

What's the other shell in the background?
Dave O'Neill 2

nice! I have said before that if I knew 6 years ago what I know now I would have done that with my car, start with a new full floor pan and the gearbox tunnel and work up. Brilliant ambition!
Malcolm Le Chevalier

BIG job - nice workshop
Like Dave, I can't click on what that shell is in the first pic
William Revit



It doesn't qualify as a car at the minute but it will soon.
As for ringing it onto another shell/car, the whole idea of this is to be an engineering exercise, not just build a midget.

Bernie, thank you. Not entirely convinced ours bravery though, considerable amount of stupidity involved too lol.

Dave, it's a Toyota TA40 Grp4 rally car.

Malcolm, thank you, it's only come to this because the shell was way more crusty than I thought.

William, I'd have thought an Aussie would have figured out the shell fairly quickly, all the remaining spares in the world for them are down in your little corner of the earth.
Pete Moreland-Moore

Yes a Celica
Most of them that were around here were fastbacks -
I had almost forgotten about the notchback cars
You'll get a laugh, I had one years ago, not a grp4 rally though - metalic green 5 speed 2 litre - good cars them, go forever
William Revit

<<it's a Toyota TA40>>

Nice lines!

Dave O'Neill 2

Yup. A surprisingly good looking car in really guise.
Pete Moreland-Moore

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