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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - bitomen on the floorpanels

what do you guys think of that? I removed them all because I want to be sure no water or whatever get in between the bitumen and the panels.

Is this clever or stupid?

Thx Arnold
a.o. arnold

sorry, I meant bitumen....
a.o. arnold

Clever - works for me. I have no underseal on the floorpan of my frog just paint. Easy to see any problems. That said I don't use it much in the wet and never when there's salt on the roads.

SA Wood

Doesnt that allow the metal to resonate on certain engine revs?
Arie de Best

Are we talking inside or out? i.e. underseal (outside) or sound deadening (inside)?

Malcolm Le Chevalier

sound deadening (inside) I meant.
a.o. arnold

drive it and see, you might want some in areas that resonate, drive with the hood up and down to tell

have the whole car empty of carrying stuff including the boot so you can hear all the panels and not anything else
Nigel Atkins

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