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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bleedin' Sebring Clutch

master cylinder

Alan Anstead

This picture shows the extension, master cylinder, spanner upon the remote bleed nipple, and fluid catch tank nesting amongst my plug leads.

Alan Anstead

Thanks Alan for sharing your useful 'one person' fix. Definitely saves the search for a willing (or otherwise) assistant!
Motley 5

That's smart thinking Alan. Good work!

BTW I like your relay/fuse installation. Way neater than mine.

:-) was the chopping board an optional extra behind the battery?

a reid

I have experience of an ezi bleed explosion.

The key thing I found is not to over tighten the cap - the instruction does mention this. And use no more than 15lb of pressure. Try the process 1st with air only to see if a good seal is possible.

If like me you don't have Alan's mechanical skills wrap a strong plastic bag full of waste rags around the MC. At low pressure if there is a leak disconnect from the wheel & the rag will absorb any fluid. Then clean up and try again.
Gavin Rowlesx

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