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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bleeding brakes - broom handle method?


I am bleeding my brakes and thought I would try the broom handle method. Got the brake pedal wedge down with a broom and the rear left (UK's near side, furthest from master cylinder) hub up on an axle stand. Leaving overnight. Tips on what next please?

Car MkII Sprite on discs (single line, combined brake and clutch 0.75" master cylinder).


PS I have an Easibleed.

M Wood

patience, leave overnight and perhaps morning and then go for a good drive to shake the bubble(s) loose/up (Guy's method).

Then if required a bleed (I favour gravity bleed a read and mugs of tea or one-man kit and don't push the pedal passed normal.

Less haste more speed, I've never been a fan of those pressurized rushed bleed kits.

If it doesn't work at the very least you had a drive.
Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 01/03/2019

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