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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bodge-tastic

Here’s the outer side of my passenger foot well, with some rather special welding repairs. The piece I bent back wasn’t attached to anything. It just used the bonding properties of fresh air.


The two bolts at the top of the end panel screw into captive nuts on the other side. Nothing is attached with them. What are they for ?
Is it the attachment points for a parcel shelf?


Throttle pedal lever bar for LHD cars.

What Guy said.

I think you've discovered where the water has been going from that blocked wiper jet! :)

It might be relief ventilation to prevent vacuum from a close fitting hood and door seals, check before filling in or leave an openable vent just in case.
Nigel Atkins

By coincidence I have a photo of the parcel shelf fitted to the 1500 that was (is still?) on display at Gaydon.

Nigel Atkins

Thanks Guy, makes sense

Nigel, with the number of holes in my car I suspect that’s unlikely. I think my car was used as a giant colander at some point by its previous owner.


If you need any help with the chassis my blog might be of use, or inspiration, or desperation! Looking at the photos, if the rust has got into the footwell there's a good chance it will have also hit all the usual places.

Good luck


James Paul

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