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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Body shell protection

My midget Owner's Manual tells me to spray lub. into the access holes in the body.
Can anyone tel me where they are?
j e oughton

Are they the holes that your jack goes into?
DW Wittkopp

before this thread goes out off controle:
Is it the mechanical book for the midget-car your talking about or the kamasutra-book for the little people? LOL!!

Okay, ill get my coat...
Arie de Best

I think you would be better off using Waxoyl or similar rather than engine oil, more effective an certainly more envoiromentally friendly.
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

x2 Waxoyl

in answer to your original question, there are 2 or 3 oval slots in each of the inner rocker panels, behind the trim, these are useful for injecting the cavity sealer through, to coat the entire inside of the rockers

after doing so, assure that the small drain holes in the bottom are not clogged

also, spray liberal amounts up into the box structure between the seat back and the rear axle (there are large oval holes near the rear spring's front mounts)

also, the rear lip of the boot lid, and the body flange along the rear of the car need sealing (both inside of the boot, and from underneath)

above the fuel tank is another good spot to get

around the headlights, from inside the fenders

around the engine bay there are several water traps, but they are often so well coated by engine oil as to be little concern, but they are all quite easy to see, and easy to get to, so a good idea to spray anyway

oh, and the area behind the front fenders, above where they meet the rocker panel, and also inside of the base of the A-pillar

Norm Kerr

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