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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bodyshell repairs


Apologies as this isnt the most tecnical question in the world but when i did my last midget i left on rear wheel set up and sent to spray shop.

I want to do a better job this time and strip all ince front suspension and rear axle etc but am unsure about moving bodyshell

Would 2 guys be able to lift it or is it much more heavier than that ??

a chaffey


I had a stripped shell on a crude homemade spit (rotisserie). Everything held on with bolts had been removed. The spit was just a big steel pipe bolted to the belly, and the pipe rested on steel saw horses. The pipe was probably added 50 or 75 lbs, but I could barely lift and scoot one end to slide it across the saw horses. So, if it were guys my size (about 150 lbs) I think it would take at least 4. Maybe 2 if you get some big hulking guys, but not me.

C R Huff

Im built like a budgies hard on, and two of us can lift a bare shell without too much strain.

ideally get a trolley base or something to roll it about on once stripped

Also a stripped shell WILL fit in the back of a Vauxhall Movano van with 2" to spare

When rebuilding mine the bare shell was moveable with only 2 pair of hands but found moving it with 3 guys was much easier. With 3 2 can hold the rear wheelarches and one the front.
Bas Timmermans

If the shell has the doors/wings/bonnet/boot attached
you need 4 guys - thats how my Heritage shell arrived.

I built up 2 timber stagings with 4no 100mm castor wheels for moving around.

For spraying you will obviously need the bonnet/doors / boot removed so a lot ligther and as Bas noted 3 guys should be O.K.

richard boobier

Just be sure to lift with Only your back, Put your full groin into it, keep those knees straight and locked at all times during the lift, Dont stop if you feel a mucsel pull... or you will look like a wimp in front of your friends



Thanks prop !!
The front suspension was all taken off today , then i had the fun of balancing it on the trolley jack and trying to lift and pussh back towards the garage !!
Made it in the end, just the back to remove now and then off to the blasters
a chaffey

A completely bare body shell thats with none of bolt on parts fitted weighs in at 145kgs ( not a rubber bumber one)
They can be lifted by two people, but easier with two people on the back end and one on the front.
Ian Webb '73 GAN5

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