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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bolt list for 1275 reassembly?

Does anyone have a complete list of the bolts required for a 1275 rebuild?

I'm specifically looking for a list with quantities for each location and lengths. Bolt grade and thread pitch would be helpful, also.

I'm finally getting around to getting the machine work done on my 1275, and the bolts I removed don't quite jive with what's listed in the Vic-Brit and Moss catalogs. For example, Moss and Vic-Brit both show there being 6 bolts (1/4-28 x 3/8") for the timing cover. I had 5 of these and one 3/4" long... All bolts went straight into zip-lock bags during disassembly, so I know what came from where. Also, there was an inconsistent mix of locking and flat washers. My midget is a '72, but the engine is a 1969. The engine was definitely apart at least once in it's life (lots of silicone on seals/gaskets and wrong bolts).

Ryan N.

He who relies on M & VB is lost!
My Moss book doesn't show any bolts for the timing cover...
Some engines used different bolts for added stuff. I seem to recall a long timing cover bolt on the LH side sticking through with a nut and springwasher holding a carb heat shield brace. Moss showeth it not too!

So, you made me go out and dig up a -68 engine (never apart), which the carbs are off, but the long bolt is at the two o'clock position.

FR Millmore

There should be one long bolt/screw holding the timing cover. It goes right through the front plate and is used to anchor the carb heatshield support.
Dave O'Neill 2

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