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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bolts fir clutch to flywheel

Are the bolts fir attaching the clutch to flywheel of a higher grade Eg like the flywheel to crank bolts?
T Dafforn

No, their ordinary. Do pay attention to the length. You won't be the first to be unable to start the engine after fitting the clutch.
Alex G Matla

It depends on how you define "ordinary". Ordinary bolts bought from a hardware shop or local DIY may be inferior and not fit for purpose.
A general policy should be that any bolts for the drive train, suspension, steering, brakes etc will be high tensile and most certainly not stainless.
Your local Dealer or mg specialist may charge you an arm and a leg.
I have no connection with them but I do use who give me same day despatch.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Sorry for the confusion, if any. With ordinary I mean, as a mechanic, 8.8 graded bolts. True, in a hardware store they could supply 4.8. But 10.8 is overkill for the clutch cover.
Alex G Matla

Scuse my ignorance of metallurgy. Why not stainless, is the tensile strength reduced in the process?
Lawrence Slater

Stainless bolts stretch easier.
Alex G Matla

Ah thanks Alex.
Lawrence Slater

Thanks. I meant engineering grade.
T Dafforn

There are various grades and alloyus of stainless steel and at one time I had some that were 10.9. The ARP s/s stuff I use now is a lot more than grade T or 8.8.

Most imperial stuff isn't graded 8.8, 10.9 but by a letter: S, T, V etc.

I've found that while the Spridget had a T bolt buy a replacement and you get a lower rated S bolt.

I thought the clutch to flywheel bolts were a harder grade than standard except for the one I sheared off in the flywheel over a decade ago which clearly wasn't.

It's not necessarily the case that 10.8 (surely 10.9) is overkill, it will depend on how tight you are torqueing the bolts, using a calibrated torque wrench?
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Daniel, a 10.9 (you're right there) could take more torque, but can the flywheel? As it's cast, I wouldn't put too much torque on it. No idea how far you can go. BTW I used ordinary bolts for my big clutch. No problems so far.
Alex G Matla

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