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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - bonnet bolt

Just started winter jobs and changing gearbox, when i started to remove the bonnet one of the hinge bolt to bonnet retaining nuts started to turn so i had to grind head off the bolt,so i am looking for ideas how to fit somthing to bolt to as you cant get to the back of the plate.
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

I'd just use 3 bolts on that hinge, will be OK.
David Smith

I agree. The hinge system is virtually the same as the frogeye with its heavy metal bonnet . The 3 bolts will be more than sufficient given the weight of the midget bonnet
Bob Beaumont

Also, later USA cars only had two bolts each side.
Dave O'Neill 2

""Also, later USA cars only had two bolts each side.""

And the hinges are 40 year old wobble scissor hinges....just like grandmas legs in the slippery shower

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I was telling the wife over tea about my car bonnet problems and she said will that thing i got out of the cloths washer when you were at work not do its in the bits drawer.Must have been in there for 3 years so slotted hole and two pop rivets and its fixed.

mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

A girl like that is worth her weight in gold !
David Smith

I remember getting called all sorts when it got loose in the washer and made a hell of a noise.
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

3 years, and the wife remembered it? Why not give the car to her to fix. She'll likely do a pucker job. ;).
Lawrence Slater

Lawrence you should know that they never forget anything!
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

Drill a new hole (or drill out the broken bolt if possible) and use one of these.
Jeremy Tickle

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