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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bonnet Bulge

Morning Chaps/Chapettes

Im looking to get a bonnet bulge to fit my glass fibre bonnet on a midget 1500. Does anyone know where i can get one from? I heard that Honeybourne Mouldings do them but can't find any on their website. It needs to be about 6 inched wide and i think a teardrop one would probable look best.

Any help is gratefully appreciated.


Jamie Watt

I would give Honeybourne mouldings a ring,
Here is a nice example from yesterday.


C Bintcliffe

Thats a good looking bonnet! I've given them a call so we'll see what they have. Any other ideas as to where i could get one? Do honeybourne do custom stuff?
Jamie Watt

Try Smith and deakin,they have every kind of bonnet bulge.
steve cowling

Make your own out of plastic milk jugs

Want one in alloy or steel? I can do either.
rob thomas

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