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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bonnet cable route

Can anyone confirm the cable route at the front of the car? I have gone through the large grommet near inner wing in the splash plate with just the inner through the other side of splash plate. This leaves the inner about 100 mm short of the catch. Thanks.
Andy Potter

Andy, The bonnet cable on my 1275 leaves the engine bay on the passenger side of the car, through a half inch diameter hole very close to the inner wing, just above the expansion tank, it then takes a right angle turn & takes a direct route just below the slam panel to the bonnet catch....I can't see which holes it is routed through, but if you are desperate I could remove my grille for a closer look.

Alan Cotterill (1972 standard 1275 )

Sounds like your cable is not long enough Andy...
Where have you routed it from the pull inside the car??
I am only in Wall Heath if its easier to have a look at the way mine is routed, I might even have a spare you can have, I will go and take a look in my ever growing spares box!
Were you in Stourbridge yesterday? I think I saw you with a big grin on your face and roof down.
Rob Newt
Rob Newt

Rob, Unfortunately it wasn't me in Stourbridge as I'm not quite on the road yet, not too long now though hopefully. :) Anyway the cable is mounted on the front of the transmission bulkhead, I have reshelled and the hole already existed so should be ok. The cable is the original from mk2 midget. Are mk3 cables longer as I have two old ones the same. Cheers.
Andy Potter

Hmmm, sounds like the 1500 mounting hole.

1098 & 1275 had the pull mounted on a bracket near the parcel shelf.
Dave O'Neill2

Dave, yes that's right decided to put it there as I think it is better position. Moss show same part number for all models, but maybe a new cable would be longer?
Andy Potter

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