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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bonnet/Hood Support

Every time I raise the bonnet on the midget I cringe the cause of this is the way the unsupported side bends over.
I thought of fitting a couple of gas strut's, have any owners carried out a similar mod.
s johnson

yep, I had one (from the boot of a rover Metro) I'd have never got it shut with two on!
Rob Armstrong

I like my solution...

Ping Blue dot #7 iron golf club

The handle fits inside the cup on the cowl and the club head fits perfectly into the slot on the bonnet

It always draws a smile and a "what the ..." at car shows...haha

I just keep it behind the seats on the shelf

Unfortunately I cant post any photos because I cant seem to resize them small enough to post

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I converted an Austin Sprite using MGB boot lid struts.
Alan Anstead

Source an identical support and fit it to the unsupported side. Then all you have to worry about is looking like an idiot when you get them out of phase like I do sometimes on my Frog!

SA Wood

There were a couple of threads on another forum about it, but they were US centric. Several people made the conversion to gas springs and were pleased with the result.
Trevor Jessie

Here is one thread,1360738
Trevor Jessie

Alan Anstead wrote an article on his conversion to telescopic gas struts in the Midget and Sprite Club magazine, Mascot (December 209, No. 309)

so if you're a member of the club you might be able to get a copy from the editor Gary Lazarus who's also a contributor here
Nigel Atkins

Or contact me at enquiries @ midgetandspriteclub
(no spaces) and I'll send you a copy.
Alan Anstead

Yes, two gas struts are a simple and effective conversion.
JB Anderson

take up Alan's kind offer, I didn't want to suggest it as I thought Alan and Gary might have wanted to keep the print for MASC members only although I doubted this but I can't/shouldn't make offers for others to carry out without their permission
Nigel Atkins

The offer is not dependant upon Masc membership.
Alan Anstead

Here is what mine look like. They work well, but get the MOT man a bit confused.


Dave Barrow


I like it, nice job

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

No wonder he gets confused, it isn't red!
dominic clancy

I used gas struts from a Range Rover.

Geoff Mears

I prefer the older single support. The side support on my '73 Midget seems to get in the way, whereas the single on my '66 Sprite, doesn't trouble me.
Lawrence Slater

I'm the same - a pair of metro tailgate gas struts...
L McInally

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