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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bonnet Pull Routing?

Having only had one piece fronts on the midgets I've owned or still own over the previous years, now that I've come to build a "proper" one I'm having problems with the routing of the bonnet pull.

Initially I've run it from the mount on the passenger side footwell and through the bulkhead in the hole next to where the steering column would go if it were a LHD car.

I've then routed it down the rigid fuel line towards the front of the carbs and then it goes through a hole in the inner front panel (the panel where the expansion tank would normally mount), it then bends round and I found a tiny hole big enough for the cable to go through and then attached it to the bonnet release lever.

So far, two T-pulls have snapped as it's really stiff to operate. So I can only assume that I've got the installation incorrect and it's snagging somewhere.

Any help would be appreciated.


Andrew McGee

it shouldn't be anywhere near the fuel pipe but I think from your description it's the fuel pipe that's in the wrong place. Your bonnet pull routing sounds OK to me; could it be the spring adjustment on the tapered locking pin is too tight?
David Smith

>>through the bulkhead in the hole next to where the steering column would go if it were a LHD car.<<

I’m not saying mine is correct (’73 car) but the hole to the left of the steering column blanking plug is covered with metal from the engine bay side on mine so the cable routes thro’ the hole beneath the steering column blanking plug then is P-clipped to the wheel arch just before the cable grommet on the rad/splash shield black panel

And as my fuel pipe is copper aftermarket fitted by a previous owner yes the bonnet cable runs very close to it
Nigel Atkins

Andrew, mine runs original as the lhd should do.
From the end of the tunnel(see photo) into the engine bay and then slowly rises and runs over the (1500) steel beam from where the steering colum comes in the engineroom to wards thefront and then bends(not to sharp) to the middle of the front where the original bonnetcatch is.
mine also runs thrue a small hole in the front panel so your right there.

Make sure your cable doesnt do sharp corners, if neede lubricate the bonnetcatchmechanisme so it opens smoothly.
If nessecary lubricate the cable too but as i still have the first one since my restauration finished in 1998 it shouldnt be nessecary to lubricat the cable.

Arie de Best

Arie, Andrew has a RHD car - >>to where the steering column would go if it were a LHD car.<<

Altho' he doesn't say whether it's a 1500 or before
Nigel Atkins

I've seen some pictures of cars with it routed through the transmission tunnel into the engine bay - would seem a lot neater there but not necessarily particularly original.
C Robertson

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