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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bonnet release cable

I feel sure that this may have been suggested previously, but here goes.....
On fitting the bonnet release cable to my Heritage shell rebuild, it occurred to me that if the cable were to fail, how on earth would one manage to open the bonnet without damage of some sort. So, this is my solution - attach a length cable inner to catch plate, utilising the spring anchor hole, and lead the cable through the left hand inner wing, and terminate in a loop.
Yes, I fear I must be paranoid too!
Pictures are probably better than words to explain: John.

J M Hutton

Second pic.

J M Hutton


Yes, it has been done before, but it's a great idea and useful for those that haven't seen it.

Also a good reminder for me, as I keep meaning to do it!
Dave O'Neill 2

Thanks for that Dave. After 4years, we're about ready for the first M.O.T. since 1983! John.
J M Hutton

Definitely not paranoid John, I did the same thing to my Elan+2 after hearing horror stories about the consequences of the release cable breaking.
D Stanfield


You're not paranoid, most Ferraris have back up cable releases from the factory for all their apertures!
Steve Smith Midget 1500

Thank you D Stanfield and Steve Smith! Paranoia diminished (slightly!). And if it's ok for Ferraris.....
J M Hutton

Hi again,

The MG build quality was streets ahead in the 60's and 70's compared to that of Ferrari in my opinion having worked on both.

They assumed the cables would break!
Steve Smith Midget 1500

I dont recall of anyone actually breaking a cable... rusted yes

but ive been considering moving the cable release into fhe grill somehow and out of the cockpit...i think it would make it easier to access and it like to do a lever instead of a cable

not surehow im going to do it as of yet

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I've found the odd broken cable, so a simple back-up is a good idea. Having said that, I have always been able to open with a long medium diameter shank screwdriver through the grille, using one hand as a fulcrum to protect the grille bars.
Paul Walbran

Thanks again Steve, and hi to Prop!
To Paul Walbran.. just before I fitted my new grille (see pic), my thinking was, do I REALLY want to trash this if the release cable fails for whatever reason - answer No!! John (very soon to be on the road).

J M Hutton

I think Paul was referring to the midget grill with vertical bars.

The alloy sprite grill and later facelift version are far too easily damaged.
Dave O'Neill 2

Agree completely Dave!
J M Hutton

Yes, definitely the vertical bar grille, not enough room in the later one. The trick is to not let the screwdriver come into contact with the grille at all, let your hands do the work.
Paul Walbran

Paul you got a photo of that screw driver trick

my grill is the vertical type your discribing from 1969?

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

A back up cable is a good idea!!!! My other car has a special tool for that "Aw hell" moment! (lol)

C Ravenwood

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