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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Bonnet Strap

Hi everyone!

For the last few months my bonnet insists on not keeping shut - only held in place by the safety catch and not by the locking mechanism.

So - failing any advice on how to get the original system to work (?) - I've decided to fit a single leather bonnet strap. I've seen them fitted without any drilling into the top surface of the bonnet. Anyone got any ideas on how to do that?

Or how to fit a leather strap to a late midget with a 'shark fin' grille in the normal way?

Many thanks,

Josh Spooner

there's stuff in the Archives about this, I know for sure as I posted photos

if you can't find the answer in the Archives then repeat your original question here and if possible post photo of the problem area

of course putting up your Vehicle profile to be viewed would also help with what car, year, model, atterations

ETA: I don't know what a sharks fin means and late Midget could be from 1966 1275 onwards
Nigel Atkins

Josh. To make the bonnet lock by the conventional method, first you have to make sure that the catch, ie the part on the slam panel is nice and free and lubricated and that the cable operates smoothly. You can then adjust the length of the plunger on the underside of the bonnet by slackening the lock nut at the top of the spring and you'll find a slot in the end of the pointy end of the plunger which can be turned with a screw driver till you get the correct length to make it engage with the catch, then tighten the lock nut. It may take a few attempts. You shouldn't have to slam the bonnet, just put it down and it should lock with firm pressure on either side of the front edge. Make sure that everything is well greased.

b higginson

oil cable too whilst there
Nigel Atkins

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