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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - boot badge

hi people can any one tell me the measurenents of were the center badge goes on the boot i got a new boot lid for my 1275 midget thank you tommy
thomas turner

Hey tom,

Its more of a feel kind of thing, I dont think it was ever exactly determined

Also pay atten to whats under the top skin (ribbing and bridge works) before you start to drill

Besure to us a spot of silicone where you are drilling the holes that way it wont rust as easily in the drill holes

I have the 3 peice metal logo for mine... not installed it yet im thinking of using magnets to hold it into place, so the logo can be easliy removed for washing and waxing...its a thought

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

hi prop thanks for that no won seems to know i would just like to get it right first time lol tommy
thomas turner

right tommy, is it the chrome 3 piece badge that you are going to put on. if it is the hole at the top of the octagon is 29cm down from top of boot lid. hope this helps
bob taylor

Where did you pull that spec from,

Good job

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

it wasnt hard prop,,,,i measured mine.

bob taylor

Hi Tommy,

Out of interest (boredom!!??) I have just popped into the garage to measure mine. I think it's original as I have had the car since 1997 and have the rebuild record from the previous, 2nd, owner and there is no mention of the bootlid being changed although, of course I cannot be sure. I measured slightly differently to Bob but my measurement confirms his. On outside of bootlid; leading edge to outer edge of top part of hexagon 11 1/4 inches and from trailing edge to outer edge of bottom of hexagon 7 5/8 inches.
Hope this is useful.
Ray Rowsell

hi ray and bob thank you very much for that bob if it is 29 cm down what is it a cross from the edge of the boot lid thank you tommy
thomas turner

Can you not just measure the width of the bootlid, then divide by two to establish the lateral position?
Dave O'Neill 2

Or don't drill any holes at all, and save the lid from future rust. Stick the badge on.
Lawrence Slater

in the middle tom.
bob taylor

thank you bob for all your help tommy
thomas turner

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