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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Boot Fit

Ive got a 1970 midget and wondered if anyone has had problems with the way the boot fits? mine seems to sit very high, ive tried taking out the rubbers which i thought were making it sit high but still the same.

Ive looked online a several othe midgets and some seem the same as mine is this common and can it be alligned better? pic which shows problem attached.




assuming you've got the correct seal as you've removed the buffers (for earlier cars?) I'd have thought it can only be how the lid is fitted to the hinges
Nigel Atkins

Mine does that too, as do many others I've seen. My theory is that having the prop strut so near the hinge at that corner causes the lid/hinge to flex and eventually stand proud in the front corner. I've never tried to correct it, so can't offer any advice there.

Gryf Ketcherside

Try putting a few washers between the hinge and the BODY.
Trevor Jessie

My lid sits a bit high... I blame it on the replacement seal I bought in the 90s... made better recently when I aligned the lid a trifle better.

Anthony Cutler

My lid seems to fit OK, but it is the original one but with a new seal. I think some of the newer replacement lids are not quite the same profile as the old ones, so that may be why I've seen so many that don't fit too good. Trevor's suggestion is a good one as it will position the lid lower in its aperture.


b higginson

Thanks Guys, will look into Trevors suggestion and thanks to all, mind you its good to know that Trevor new what a boot was..LOL... only kidding :-)

Nice car, flame red on wire wheels.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

The boot on my frogeye sits perfectly :) - sorry
Graham M V

My '74 was hit in the rear and the PO's so called repair is really bad. Not looking forward to fixing that.

Sorry trevor,

Washers wont work...well not vary well, it makes to much play, you need a piece of 1/8inch plate steel so the hingee can fully rest in place and not rock about, you will also have to play with the lock handle as it wont sit right after pulling the hing down

Sorry its what i did when I 1st got the car years ago.

once you see the hinge bracketing you will see what Im saying

I need to go open my trunk. I remember using washers to change the angle of the bracket, but I do not remember how. Someone here on this board gave me the suggestion. The Midget trunk has not been opened since 2008. :(
Trevor Jessie

I certianly didnt mean to come across so blunt that was really in your face kind of wording...sorry about that.

here is a photo of the hinge upside down...I think if yo use a flat fender washer you will be okay, I do remember beefing the hinge up with some flat washers and the lid got unstable and rocked back and forth. then I used some plate steel and that did the trick. I think whats happening is the hinge is warping do to heavy luggage racks...but thats only a guess



I think that what happens over the years is that every time the lid is opened too roughly the hinge moves a bit with the lid and levers on the bodywork around the fixing point under the top edge of the aperture. It only needs a degree or two bend to appear here for the hinge to then hold the top of the boot lid slightly high in its opening. Too thick a rubber seal has the same effect.

I used washers as Trevor suggests, but only a single thickness. If it needed more than that then I think Prop is right - it would become too unstable and a steel plate would work better. Made larger than the contact surface of the hinge it would also stiffen up the thin steel bodywork that holds the captive nuts.

Guy Weller

Mine does that also. I tried washers it didn't change any, even with the trim removed the lid sits high. I am in the process of doing bodywork, when I removed the boot lid I noticed the hinges are making contact with panel behind the hinge. The panel I think is keeping the hinge from closing completely.
Tim Mc

>>>>>>>>If it needed more than that then I think Prop is right - it would become too unstable and a steel plate would work better<<<<<<<<<

Does this qualify me as "The all knowing spridget oracal"



Prop, you appear to have lost your Black Hole!
Guy Weller

Thanks Guy,

For some reason Im having all kinds of issues today with the ol putter....I cant get my camra to talk to my computer as well.


Huh... Its back up agian, whats up with that?

I think change is good...I love this new tag that Onno gave me...I laugh everytime I think about it


Prop...The Oracal

Im thinking this tag looks better


Hmmm...maybe this tag

nnnaaaa I like the one above
Prop The ALL Knowing Spridget Oracal

As a regular reader, though not so frequent contributor on this discussion board..I could n't resist putting my school teacher head on and note that 'Oracal should be replaced with 'Oracle'

from Wiki:-
An oracle In Greek and Roman polytheism was an agency or medium, usually a priest or a priestess, through which the gods were supposed to speak or prophesy.

An Oracal = no such word!

Keep up the contributions though... but should n't you be fixing that bloody engine.

Steve Lowiss
s lowiss

s lowiss

Thanks, Ill make the changes,,,waiting on new pistons


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