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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - boot floor assembly 1969


This forum is brilliant. I need the boot floor assembly for a 69 sprite. There is a heritage floor assembly for a 1500 on eBay for less than half price. Its new heritage. Is it likely to be different from the '69 model?

(Restoring a VERY rusty Sprite with my son. I've done a semi rusty midget and son is a welder/blacksmith so going ahead with the colander)

B M Le Page

the shape of the flat floor should be the same. If there are stiffeners welded to it they will be different as the 1500 ones are extended to the inside of the rear valance to pick up the bumper mounts to meet federal crash regulations.
David Smith

Thanks David - thats exactly what I needed to know.
B M Le Page

I fitted a frogeye replacement boot floor to a 1500 midget and it fitted perfectly, Moss didn't have any 1500 boot floors at the time and the counter guy in Bristol thought the frogeye one was the same. I think the only difference is in the spare wheel fixings if fitted.
David Billington

This thread was discussed on 08/05/2020

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