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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Boot lid

My boot lid does not sit quite right. The back edge sticks out. I thought all midget boots did that until I saw a few pictures recently.
How do you get the boot lid to fit nicely.
By the way, I have not got any buffers on the lid/gutter, is that the first step along with a new (undeformed) seal?
I should really include a picture. I'll try to get one tonight.
Once again, thanks in advance for your help.
D Brown

I'd try it with the rubber bits and see what happens. How far does it stick out?

Gryf Ketcherside

Two things could cause the boot lid to not fit well, a bent boot lid or bent hinges. I suspect the latter. To check the boot lid itself just unbolt it from the hinges and lay it in place on the body. It should conform smoothly all around. If there is a high corner or section then the lid is bent and needs to be straightened. If it fits good then the hinges have been damaged. In many cases you can adjust for that using shims between the hinge plate and the boot lid. Since the rear edge sticks out, I'd try shimming between the front edge of the hinge and the boot lid, a couple of washers on each bolt on that side should do the trick and see if the fit at the rear is improved. It usually doesn't take much shim to make a big difference at the rear of the lid.
B Young

This thread was discussed on 31/03/2011

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