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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - boot lid prop

The heritage shell I am putting together has a mismatch of bits for the boot lid prop. There is a round hole on a bracket at the left rear side of the aperture, but nothing at all on the lid to take the other end of whatever variation of prop is supposed to fit.

I have a later bonnet / hood prop of the ratchet type, (should have been sent a boot prop but that's another story). I am going to cut down this one to the appropriate length for the boot rather than wait for another correct one. Can anyone please give me a photo and measurements of where the matching bracket should be fitted on the boot lid to get the boot lid up and as far out of the way as is feasible?

Dominic Clancy


This is the boot of my Heritage shell. The brackets look original fitment to me. I can let you have closer details if you need them.

The lid bracket to which the strut is attached is 6" from the leading edge (ie hinged edge) of the lid,

G Williams


If you have the strut and the lower end is already in place then I would have thought that the boot geometry and dimensions of the strut (ie open length and closed length) would dictate the top braket position.

When the strut on mine is supporting the lid, the centre to centre length between the bolt holes is 330mm. THat pretty much dictates the position of the top bracket once you decide how far open the boot needs to be (remembering you have to open further to release the lock).

I guess you would also need to check the geometry when the lid is closed to make sure the pitch between the brackets is not less than the closed length of the strut.
G Williams

you might find that the ratchet prop has a "dimple" which acts as a travel limiter, the prop may be too long if a different lid has been fitted, like mine. If you are attaching a bracket removing the dimple gives you more mounting options. I'd put it as per G W's advice, mine is as per the pic the ruler is 6 inches.
PS, BTW to all, a gas strut is too powerful for the tinny boot I've got. it just bends the bracket.

R W Bowers

OK so far, can you give me the individual length of each of the strut pieces
Dominic Clancy

The top section of the strut is 205 and the lower section is 180. These are measured from the mounting hole centre to the chopped off end.
G Williams

Sorted, thanks to all
Dominic Clancy

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