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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Boot lock

My boot no longer locks.
The handle feels stiff when turning when locked compared to free and easy unlocked. Is it fixable / salvageable? Need boot to lock to use as day car.
Experiences / suggestions much appreciated.

Dave Squire

Replacements are readily available, but then you have the inconvenience of an extra key to deal with. It could be that the tumblers in the lock cylinder are just a bit gunged up, especially if it hasn't been used for a while. You could try injecting some WD 40 or some penetrating oil into the lock - best done with one of those thin "straws" that usually come with the cans these days.
Altrnatively, you can dismantle the handle to get the lock out and see what sort of state it is in. They often just need a little talking to!

Yeah, they are pretty simple devices, probably just needs some lubing.

The difficult bit might be getting the lock out (if you need to) whilst the boot lid is on. Be prepared to spend a lot of time upside down in the boot with all the blood draining to your head.

Chances are, nobody wanting to nick stuff would be bright enough to figure out the 1970s handle anyway! :-D

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Good advice guys, plus gas it is first.

LoL Malcolm, how true. My modern is a PT cruiser and has buttons on the exterior door handles. I have been asked several times by enthusiastic teenagers how to get in when I offered a ride. Ha Ha.
Dave Squire

oh dear.... ha ha

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Now now.

Its been a good ride for my arthritic hip till I had it fixed so I could midgetify. The previous ride to it was a sprinter and that was comfy but a bit big for parking! (311 mid roof and length). And its no slouch even though its heavy. (Its the diesel merc engine that does it). And there is an enthusiastic following with a good bbs and everything. Its just I can't get it in the workshop to work on so it spent a lot of time in the yard up to Christmas cos the weather was bad. Used the Midget then and then the Midget MOT ran out at Christmas and the weather continued to be bad.

Good thing about the cruiser is its stopped losing money and its easy to fix it if you have big tools. (I keep tools, inherit tools .....) have ling pieces of scaffold pole etc.

Anyway now an American car fixer has turned up in the village ind units and he's doing a very good job.

So back to the Midge and its looking good today.
Dave Squire

PS that blokes got more hair than me.
Dave Squire

Should we be asking why a balding old man is offering free rides to "enthusiastic teenagers", and then locking them in his car?

Meanwhile, back to the boot handle. The complete assembly can be removed by undoing 2 small nuts on the inside of the boot lid. But they are very small, and extremely fiddly, being fitted between the boot lid skin and an inner re-inforcing web. You need nimble fingers and a small (3/16 AF or possibly a 2BA or 7mm spanner). Plus a bucketfull of patience!

Right, Hmmmm,

The nuts are not clear in the Haynes book. It says just undo them! Thanks for the heads up Guy.
Tried the plus gas, no effect .... yet. Will see tomorrow.

Dave Squire

Yup, hence my comments about having to work upside down. They are well hidden!

Or climb into the boot with a torch. :-)
Malcolm Le Chevalier

3/16" sounds a bit small. I thought they were nearer 5/16"?

You often find that the studs will come out with the nuts, but that's no bad thing.
Dave O'Neill 2

Yeah, they are pretty simple devices, probably just needs some lubing.

malc said it best

i wohldnt bother with looking it... youtube shows even 6 year olds how to simply bypass

unless you concerned grandma will steal your private stash


You are right Dave, maybe its the stud rather than the nut which measures out at 3/16" Either way, they are small. And awkward.

rather than climbing in the boot or contorting yourself some other way, why not just undo the 4 bolts holding the hinges to the body. Then you can work on the bootlid in the comfort of your own living room (and keep Mrs squire company at the same time).
graeme jackson


Now that's going it a bit.

Took me 10 years to get my own yard and workshop space! And that's based on the screen fence I put up to keep it all out of sight.

SWMBO is a best friend so lets not push things too far. (over 40 years). After all we are not house proud but the garden view is so important.

Thanks for advice, Dave
Dave Squire

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