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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Boot Lock Spar

Evening all,

During my restoration of the boot floor I've removed the vertical 'spar' for want of a better word that the boot lock mechanism mounts to.

The top was riveted in, but the bottom and and the bit of boot floor it used to attach to was just a mess of rust.

Could someone take a photo from inside the boot facing backwards? So that I can see how the bottom end should look and attach please?

Cheers all

M Bushell

what year of car?
Nigel Atkins

Doh... sorry.

Its a 68 - MK3 midget.

M Bushell

happy to take a pic for you. . . but mines a 72 is that similar enough ?
p bentley

Not sure, but I cant imagine they changed it too much, so yes please!

M Bushell

well here goes

p bentley

That's perfect cheers!

Mine was completely bent out of shape.

Much appreciated.

M Bushell

no probs
p bentley

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