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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Boot rim support

I'm currently rebuilding my 1971 Sprite with a Heritage shell.

My original shell has a fixed strut mounted vertically between the rim of the boot aperture and the boot floor just behind the wheel arch pressing. This is fitted on the left hand side only near where the boot lid prop attaches to the body. It looks like its function is to support the rim of the boot near where the boot prop attaches.

My new shell does not have this, and I don't recall seeing any other Sprites / midgets with this, but I could be wrong.

Is this a standard part or something added as an after market feature, perhaps to support the body when the boot is opened with a loaded boot rack attached?

Bottom line, should I transplant to the new shell?

Any info would be appreciated.

Paul Clark

Onno Könemann

Don't know if this will help, but here is a photo of a '74, and I don't see a vertical reinforcement:


Norm Kerr

Not on mine (Heritage shell) either.

Jeremy 3

Thanks for the responses.

The consensus is not to transplant, so another step closer to completion.
Paul Clark

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