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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Borg Warner half shafts

Removed the half shafts from my Mk1 midget axle tonight and was suprised to find 'Borg Warner made in Germany' stickers on them. I'm taking it that they aren't original - shouldn't they be MOWOG?

Apart from the sticker they look exactly like the others I've seen and look pretty new. One problem I've noticed is that the surface on one of them seems to have broken up and come away to mix with the oil which is now a dark graphite colour.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows if these are original or standard replacements.

John Payne

Try not to worry John, originality isn't everything

My MOWOG half shaft broke, looks like your Borg Warners haven't

I really wouldn't be surprised to read in here later that BW made half shafts for production line cars, production lines need continuity above single spares sources
Bill sdgpM

I had a set of half shafts made in Germany, don't remember if they were Borg Warner or not. I got them about 40 years ago as replacements for ones that I had twisted and was told that they wouldn't break like the factory ones. Well, they did break. So, from my experience, they are replacement ones. And except for the sticker, you couldn't tell them from originals.

Look on the bright side, John. Borg Warner is a good name and they are made in Germany where they know a thing or two about steel. I would rather see that than Made in China.

Clare Ravenwood

Yes, all good points. I'm all for German quality, just a bit surprised to see them.

I'll have to try and remove the remaining coating off the one that has broken up. It's a bit like the black stuff that comes off steel when you've heated it to red. I half think it might be some form of nitriding that has gone wrong.
John Payne

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