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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Braided Brake Hoses

Any views on how long before braided hoses need replacement? Mine are 15 years old now but of course there are no obvious signs of deterioration.
Bob Beaumont

AFAIK the only indication would be if there was an obvious deterioration in brake performance. The only experience I have with them is on motorcycles and as I recall the suppliers had reccommendations to replace them periodically. Can't remember what the reccommendations were but I remember thinking - well, they would say that. They want to sell more hoses, don't they.

Basically if you're nervous about your hoses why not just replace them? At least you'll get some peace of mind. That's my view.

FWIW the best brand I ever used was Aeroquip. But I stopped using braided hoses after I had some failures of HP hydraulic hoses on ROVs that would have been spotted before they happened had they not had the braided cover.

I like Synflex HP hoses now. The only point of the braided type I think is their resistance to expansion under pressure and there are better solutions now I think. But bear in mind compatibility with the fluid you're using. Some race hoses don't like DOT4 fluid and the seals in midget brake cylinders might not like DOT5 for example.

In short Bob; go for what gives you peace of mind. Hopefully somebody cleverer than me will be along soon!


RS Hughes

My understanding is there a life time part
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

When I was in Aircraft maintenance, the rule was that Rubber lined braided hoses had a life of Three years, Teflon lined were on condition, ie, they were only replaced if damaged. These were the input hydraulics to Helicopter Servo jacks, running at 3000 psi.

Dave Barrow

The hose ends/fittings can corrode unless they are stainless steel, so it's worth keeping on eye on them.
Daniel Stapleton

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