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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake Bleed Nipple

Does anyone know where I can purchase extended brake bleed nipples for the rear cylinders, alternatively self bleed nipples?
Peter King

I donít know, but extended nipples would be a good idea, as they are a pain to get a spanner on.
Dave O'Neill 2

I get my Goodridge easy bleeders from Demon Tweeks.
Alan Anstead

Alan, I think I thing Goodridge are the same lenght as the current ones available.I am thinking of trying these anyway as Tweeks not far from me.
Peter King

I make my own bleed nipples of both standard and easibleeed type using either a ball or cone valve with lengths and hex to suit application.
Materials (brass, stainless, HT steel) and grades to suit.
I have also made extensions to the rear brake cylinders to give improved access.
All parts hydraulically tested on the bench to 2000 psi.
Installation torques should be limited to 2 ftlbf for 1/4" /UNF and 4 ftlbf with 3/8" UNF.

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