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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake calliper maintentance

I'm in the process of fitting new brakes to my midget and was shocked by the state of the old brake callipers. I'm surprised they worked at all as the pistons were very crusty and rusty. What I want to know is if there anything that can be done to prevent the new callipers going the same way in due course. Of course normal wear and tear is not helped by lack of regular use.

I was thinking of every (say) 12 months taking the pads out and cleaning the inside the calliper with a toothbrush and brake cleaner. Is that a daft idea and would it be better to leave well alone. Thoughts anyone?

Chris (there's no stopping me now) H
Chris Hasluck

You could Fit stainless steel pistons to the calipers. Same size pistons as for minis if I remember correctly.

M Le Chevalier

Get new calipers with stainless pistons.
Clean them each time you change the pads.

If your pads don't wear soon enough get better ones (mintex 1144) or push harder
Onno K

This thread was discussed on 02/06/2014

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