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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake discs and pads

Anyone dealt with MG Parts UK - Midland Sports and Classics?
They have drilled and grooved discs at a good price - any good?
Also what is the general opinion about Mintex 1144 pads. What are the pro's and con's? Have heard they can be squeaky!
Les Robinson

I have Mintex 1144 pads in my 4-pot ventilated disks. Never had any squeaking and they are very effective (on track days and the road). They were much better that the previous green stuff pads.

I had a bad experience with MS&C many years ago but probably just an unfortunate one off.

Chris Hasluck

1144 brakes very well, cold and warm. Disks don't wear so much from them. And yes the sometimes squeak a little if you touch the brake light.
Flip Brühl

Same comments as Flip from me.
john payne

Thanks for the replies.

One more question, do the 1144 pads create much dust compared with Greenstuff?

MS&C have grooved and drilled discs on ebay for £49. Same things on their website are £75 !!

Les Robinson

I had masses of dust from the green stuff pads (the front wheels were literally black after a day at Donington Park). The Mintex pads do make dust but I don't think as much as the green stuff. My disks are plain so I can't say if grooved disks will result is greater pad wear/dust.
Chris Hasluck


Mintex info:

Anyone got a view on matching rear shoes to go with Mintex M1144 front disc pads so that the breaking balance remains? Stick with good quality rear standard shoes, or use Mintex M20 shoes?

Note M171 pads (M1144 predecessor) and M20 shoes were an old tweak, and reckoned to be good for a dual use fast road and competition car (unlike Ferodo DS11 and VG95 combination which were best for track and rally cars only apparently).

Anyone used Mintex M1155 pads?

M Wood

M1144 pads get my vote too, BUT the M20 rear linings are another matter, they do need time to get really warmed up (each time) then they are great. Until warmed up your brake balance is very heavily biased to the front. So really only suitable for on track or rallying, IMO .
I have a new set of M20 rear shoes still unused bought as a spare few years ago, happy to sell if someone is interested.
Ian Webb '73 GAN5

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