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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake light switch

My brake light switch seems faulty.
It takes alot of pressure for the brake lights to come on.
This switch is on the right wing,not the pedal box.It screws into a union where the brake pipes are.
My question is if I change it will I need to bleed the brakes or is it possible to do without bleeding.
I disconnected the wires and touched them together and the lights worked so I am sure the switch is faulty.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Manion

I have done this without bleeding.

You will need to use some airtight thin polythene under the cap of the master cylinder - cling film for wrapping food is ideal. Screw the cap on tight and this should prevent fluid loss when you undo the switch.

The switch in my experience can be difficult to remove without bending some of the breakpipes so care is required here.

Gavin Rowles

Thank you
I will try it

I changed the switch twice without bleeding afterwards. Even without sealing the cap. It will only leave you with the spill of 1 drop of brake fluid. I used a sinle leaf of teflontape to mount the new one because I found out the switch fitted badly and only tightened a bit when fully screwed in. I suppose I could do this because of the silicone brake fluid I use. Normal DOT 3 or 4 could be too agressive for the tape.
Bas Timmermans

This thread was discussed on 16/08/2010

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