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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Brake lines, caliper threads?

I have the MGB calliper and spitfire disc braking system upfront on my midget. When I first ordered new braided lines, I bought MGB, assuming these would be right for the capper etc, however they are just too long and they catch the tyre when turning etc.

To resolve this I just bought some blue HEL lines, which come with a banjo and bolt for the caliper end. Problem is the banjo bolt is too big.

Does anyone know if this is the case, ie midget has a bigger hole, or have I been sent the wrong lines.

I'm trying to contact HEL to see if they can be changed.

Many thanks

Jon White

Jon, Don't know if this is related, but I noticed recently after ordering new banjo bolts (the threaded section not the bit on the hose, I don't know what the technical term for the two bits are!) that the thread hole is smaller than the hole in the hose banjo. (These are supposedly midget hoses).

i.e. the hole in the hose banjo is something like 1/2" or 9/16" but the thread in the caliper is 7/16" or something! Seemed bizzare as most bolts I found on ebay are straight, hence buying ones to fit the hole in the hose and finding they are too big to screw into the caliper. Doh!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I have used HEL numerous times to make up hoses for both brakes and clutch. Helps when their unit is only a short drive away but very helpful and quick - while you wait service. Im sure they will help out.
John Collinson

Oh crap....

you mean to tell me the the MGB caliper wont an MG midget brake hose ?.... I guess its good to learn this now instead of when im knee and elbow deep into this modification
Prop and the Blackhole Midget

My Peter May kit does not use banjo bolts, but straight screw in connections. I assumed that the MGB was the same.

I got new hoses made up by Merlin Motor sport, brilliant 24 hour service.


Dave Barrow

Got intouch with HEL direct...couldn't get hold of brings up some interesting reviews???!)
HEL said the midget is bigger than the MGB, but said if I send them back they will cut the ends off and replace the banjos and bolts..FOC!!!!

So away they go.....

Great service.

The MGB lines I have are screw banjos.

Jon White

I think my point is probably irrelevant or moot, but I took a picture in the garage so may as well upload it!

Note old bolt thread is smaller than hole for banjo (bolt is stepped) new ones bought where thread size fits in banjo hole threads are too big for caliper.

A lot of you pro midgeteers probably know this already.


Malcolm Le Chevalier

Caliper threads are 3/8-24 UNF. So are the screw-in lines and the Spridget banjo bolts, from memory.
Banjo bolts are stepped to fit the banjo, and various threads 3/8-24, 7/16-20, or 10mm are common. You just need the correct ones to suit your bits.

FR Millmore

MGB is definitely standard 3/8" thread and the hose screws in directly at the top of the caliper.

Spridgets have the entry port in the middle of the caliper, which is why they need a banjo fitting. I have some in the garage and can measure them tomorrow, if necessary.
Dave O'Neill2

The length of these hoses is critical, too long and they rub on the wheel at full lock, too short and they are under too much stress at full lock the other way, at full suspension travel.

I found 12.5 inches was about right, (total length from the ends of each end fitting).

Even then I found some slight rubbing, so made up some steel brackets to angle them slightly.


Dave Barrow

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